EMF And Sleep Disorder – Equals Stress Protection

We as a Whole realize that stress is not great for you. Stress has been associated with many different health conditions, for instance, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, depression, a few cancers and gastrointestinal ailments. Thus learning how to control stress is vital to get by in today’s fast-paced universe. This fast-paced world also happens to get increasingly more technological as we come. Technology is fantastic and has allowed us to make great strides in how we run our business and continue with our lives. However, it has its unintended negative effects also. The foremost of which is its impact on the environment.

Let is leave Apart air pollution, electronic waste and chemical toxins for an instant, which are something to be worried about independently. 1 environmental effect of technology which is not being addressed as much it seems is electro contamination or electro brownish haze. It is invisible, and that is probably why it does not get a good deal of attention, but it is at least as dangerous.

emf and sleep disorder

What is not Commonly known is the connection between the electromagnetic field emissions and anxiety. The emf and sleep disorder delivered by our electric and electronic appliances and gadgets create an environment our human bodies were not meant to adapt to. Sure the ground itself has its own electromagnetic fields, but the frequencies are a good deal of lower and have an amplitude, frequency and waveform which are more random than the regular, occasional buzz of this man-made EMF. The human biofield, the matrix of weak electromagnetic fields generated by our own cells, thrived since the start in this natural electromagnetic environment.

In contrast into the ‘uproarious’ random character of natural electromagnetic fields, mobile phone frequency signals appear as regular bursts of microwave radiation, computer screens emit EMFs which are saw-tooth shapes, and AC-fueled gadgets create waves which are sinusoidal. Our cells believe these to be areas as overseas, react adversely to them, and become stressed. Given enough time, there is a tipping point once the cells are not able to be as resilient anymore, begin breaking down, and cause difficulties in cells and organs.