Initiate a Corporate Step Challenge For Enhanced Productivity

The modern offices are the epitome of productivity but also a place filled with inactivity. An average office employee spent almost 7 hours per day sitting in front of the screen. People are leading a sedentary life more than ever before. With inactivity, comes many health problems from acute to severe, lowering the health quality of the employees. It cost a fortune both to employees and their employers. Now that the pandemic has groped the world, the inactivity is now more than ever, and collective wellness is now a matter of concern. Employees who are not physically fit also tend to be less productive at work. A corporate step challenge can help bring out some kind of physical activity to get the employees’ health back on track.

What exactly is a corporate step challenge?

There is nothing that you can’t wrap your head around. It is simple like it sounds. It is a work walking challenge in which the employees compete either individually or as teams. You have to walk as many steps as you can. You don’t have to count them yourself, of course, but it is done by the tracking features that can sync with wearable devices and apps, making it easier.

Flabuless can be your solution to enhance wellness and lifestyle in UAE and other places as well. It has been proven an effective program that can organize successful corporate step challenge. It is a fun activity that can foster healthy habits with incentives such as points and rewards.

Let’s look at some wonderful capabilities of Flabuless that help your business company or organization in every way possible.

  • Customized challenges
  • Fitness and health rewards
  • Improved mental health
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Handpicked workshops and workout sessions
  • Activity data and tracking wellness

So, if you also want to keep your employees healthy and fit for productivity, avail the services that Flabuless offers.